Vince Fedel


Vince Fedel Hot Yoga

After retiring from the Fire Department in 2010, Vince Fedel decided to attend hot yoga teacher training. He had been practicing yoga for about 6 years and felt his yoga practice had kept his back condition in check.  By strengthening and stretching his body in a way that no previous exercise had, yoga has kept him healthier than he has been in years.

Vince is now in his 5th year of teaching. He is very happy to bring the hot yoga option to the Downriver area, after driving an hour away for the last few years. Vince states; “As with all forms of yoga, remember to connect with your breath, listen to your body and find your own personal edge. Your yoga is about you, no one else!¬† I look forward to leading you through your hot yoga experience. ”

There is no better time than the present to grab a mat and towel, drink plenty of water and get to the studio. Once in the room, don’t feel a need to compare your abilities to anyone else, no two of us should look identical in these postures. As long as you feel more alive, refreshed and rejuvenated a few minutes after class, you have achieved your goal!

Hot yoga¬†refers to¬†yoga exercises¬†performed under hot and humid conditions. Hot yoga is used to describe any number of yoga styles that use heat to increase an individual’s flexibility in the poses.¬†In colder climates, hot yoga often seeks to replicate the heat and humidity of¬†India¬†where yoga originated.

Taylor Yoga will now offer “hot yoga” classes taught by Vince Fedel in 105 degrees. Vince will go through the “hot yoga” poses and 2 breathing exercises requiring 90 minutes of time as an investment towards your health. The heat helps the body warm up while it relaxes the muscles, increasing its flexibility and preventing injury. The heat also encourages an increase in cardiovascular activity and helps you burn more calories. The temperature allows for you to sweat more thus helping the body to get rid of toxins faster.¬†The positive results will be noticed immediately, from your skin to your internal organs, each and every muscle will gain the benefits of this challenging, yet worthwhile form of yoga.

Some forms of hot yoga include:

  • Hot Yoga¬†was brought to the U.S. in the early 70s and became the most widely known form of hot yoga performed at¬†105 degrees.
  • Forrest Yoga¬†combines yoga¬†asana¬†with¬†Native American¬†spirituality to create as a “yoga¬†sweat lodge” in a heated room.
  • Power Yoga¬†is derived from¬†Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga¬†and uses heat to replicate environmental conditions in¬†Mysore.
  • TriBalance Yoga¬†another form of hot yoga, performed in slightly warmer but less humid conditions.

Much the same as different kinds of yoga, Hot Yoga actively stretches ligaments, tendons and muscles in sequences that would best aid the performers or students. Disciples of this fitness workout record that the level of stress is hugely decreased and the blood circulation gets to be better after or actually amid, the act of this wellness workout. Chronically-sick individuals can likewise profit from it since the yoga postures aim at reducing and relieving the symptoms. Additionally, it is one viable fitness workout for people whose goals are to build developed muscles and those in pursuit of weight loss.

Hot Yoga is a vigorous task involving both the mind and the body. As such, it is important that you are prepared if you want to try it out.

Here are some tips before you do Hot Yoga:

  • Don‚Äôt eat two hours before class.
  • Drink plenty of water before and after class to prevent dehydration.
  • Bring your own mat and towel since you will be sweating profusely.
  • Choose comfortable clothes for you will be performing certain poses.