Pilates - Melissa Tai ChiPilates Method is a series of exercises that place intent focus on your abdominal muscles, particularly the deepest layer of muscles in your abdomen. Strong abdominal muscles will improve your balance and coordination. As well as, help you perform every other physical activity. Including daily movement and all sports activities. Strong abdominal muscles act as a girdle for your spine and supports your entire body.

More about Pilates and Melissa …

The Method combines the series of moves with mental concentration and breath-work.

Breathing is critical. The result is mind-body fitness & athleticism. Perfect for everybody!

Melissa has been teaching group fitness for over 13 years. Previously known as a ‘Cardio Girl’ until graciously given the opportunity to learn about Pilates.

Melissa believes in tremendous benefits of practicing Pilates. It is ever-evolving and enables everyone to find out more about their body during every practice. This Progression is what Melissa tries to teach to all of her Pilates students.

Practicing Pilates helps with concentration, breathing, balance, control, stabilization, and core strength, just to name a few. It also assists with everyday movement. This core stabilization enables us to be a better kickboxer, salsa dancer, aerobic stepper. And with yoga practice as well. She firmly believes that Pilates is the reason why in over 13 years of instructing fitness that she has not acquired any injuries!

“These benefits and gifts are just waiting for my Pilates Students to experience.”

Melissa maintains a national certification with the Aerobic and Fitness Association of America. She has respect for this organization because you not only have to take a written exam but you also have to take a practical exam. Besides, she participates in continuing education studies and training and looks forward to much more.

Furthermore, Melissa has completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Dietetics from Eastern Michigan University. She feels her nutrition education assists her goals as a fitness instructor. Most important, integrating fitness with nutrition is an essential part of leading an active and healthy lifestyle.