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sam goddard


Sam has always been passionate about movement and physical fitness.  After having sustained some injuries in his early 20’s through heavy weight lifting, he turned to Yoga as a more wholistic and sustainable approach to physical fitness.

“Flexibility, mobility, and balance were never really a part of my routine. I ended up with chronic tension in several areas of my body.” says Sam.

After about a year of regular Yoga practice, Sam decided to embark on a full-time, 6 month journey to the southern region of India for a residential teacher training program in Classical Hatha Yoga.

“I knew I wanted to teach, but I felt that much of the Yoga I was seeing here in the US was a distorted and watered-down version of something that had the potential to be much more profound.”

margaret cook


Margaret is our Pilates instructor at Taylor Yoga.  She is an AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor with over ten years of teaching experience.  She is dedicated to delivering simple yet effective tools to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  No matter what your age or fitness level, Pilates shouldn’t intimidate you – you’re never too old or too out of shape to start.  You don’t need to be a serious athlete, gymnast or professional dancer to stay fit with Pilates.

Margaret is living proof that anyone can take charge of their physical fitness, regardless of their age or current level of fitness.  “Regular exercise helps focus and relax the mind, in addition to keeping the body healthy and strong. It all starts with a little effort and consistency…”, says Margaret.

margie loduca


Margie recently completed her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga 4 Peace in Southgate, MI, and teaches 7 classes every week here at Taylor Yoga.  Her classes are perfect for beginners and more seasoned practitioners alike.

“A friend from the studio encouraged me to get certified, but even right from the beginning of my introduction to Yoga, the meditation, lifestyle, and philosophy made just as much sense to me as the physical aspect of the practice. The combined health of the mind and body are so important, and the more we take care of ourselves, the more we can take care of others.  Physical fitness has always been important to me, and I enjoy sharing that passion with others. Teaching yoga in particular is a very gratifying experience. With regular practice, Yoga creates a certain calmness that we are otherwise largely missing out on in the hectic pace of our daily lives”,  says Margie.

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