Courtney Conover

Courtney ConoverYoga is one of Courtney Conover’s greatest passions. After spending several years as a competitive runner and long jumper, Courtney discovered yoga in college and immediately became hooked. What she initially considered being simply a form of low impact exercise proved to be something far greater. As a yoga instructor, Courtney considers it a blessing to assist others on their path to wellness.

“Any time spent on a yoga mat is time well spent,” says Courtney.

“Sure, you’ll gain physical flexibility, but patience, acceptance, and inner peace are yoga’s most exceptional gifts.”

Courtney Conover Yoga Instructor at Taylor Yoga

When Courtney’s not doing or teaching yoga, she’s writing. She is an eight-time contributor to the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series and also writes about motherhood on her blog, The Cribside Chronicles, at

Born and raised in Michigan, Courtney Conover is also a graduate of the University of Michigan. She is married to Detroit Lions offensive lineman-turned-professional chef Scott Conover. They became parents in September 2011 with the birth of their son, Scotty.