Belly Dancing

Belly Dancing

Belly DancingBelly Dancing at Taylor Yoga – Come and shake it up on Friday nights from 6:15-7:45 PM with Dee at Taylor Yoga Belly Dancing Class.

Every Friday, there is always room –  $12 DROP-IN ANYTIME or $40.00 for four classes used within one month.

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Dee Watkins developed her love for dance and movement throughout her childhood. She shares a diverse dance background of training and experience. Including, ballet, jazz, modern and cultural dance styles in her group and private classes. As an Instructor and Performer of Middle Eastern dance, Dee hopes to increase the awareness and appreciation. Middle Eastern Oriental Dance is a cultural dance art. She teaches through exploration of the dance history. Also, to share knowledge and experience with others.

By demonstrating the health benefits through belly dancing, we can build a positive self-image. Dee enjoys promoting the art of Bellydance as a healthy alternative towards maintaining good health and fitness.

Belly dancing is a low-impact, moderate physical activity.  Which increases flexibility, improves muscle tone and strength and is an excellent cardiovascular workout. Also, belly dancing can burn as many calories as light jogging, swim or bicycle.

Dee’s philosophy on being a teacher: A good teacher is always a student, open to increasing knowledge and obtaining understanding. Since there is so much to learn and expertise that will enhance/improve a teacher’s ability to share her knowledge and experience with others. With the goal of inciting the curiosity and inspiration in others. “And, there is no better way of self-expression and celebration of the joy and appreciation of life through the art of music and dance.”