The Angamardana workshop that we offer at Taylor Yoga will typically take place over the course of one or two days, with two sessions of four hours each.  There is no pre-requisite for this workshop.  No prior experience of Yoga is necessary.

Angamardhana is an ancient yogic process for peak phyiscal fitness.  It is unique when compared to other exercise regimes in that it dones’t require any equipment – just a 6×6 foot space. It uses the momentum of the body to exercise every major muscle, and energizes the entire system.  More specifically, it works on the ligaments and sinews of the body, even more than the muscles. It is not like lifting weights. Weightlifting simply builds the  muscles, but if you do Angamardana, the load will be on the ligaments and sinews of the body. The “bands” that hold the skeletal system and muscles together will be stretched and strengthened the most.  This kind of exercise will create a whole different level of agility, flexibility, and resilience in the body.

If you build muscle beyond a certain point, the amount of food and sleep that you need to sustain it will slowly increase; the body has to do unnecessary work to maintain itself . If you become too muscular, you may find it very difficult to sit with your eyes closed and become meditative. If long term strength and resilience is what you are looking for, you need to strengthen the fundamental fabric of the body first. This is what Angamardana does.