About Taylor Yoga!

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Taylor Yoga focuses on finding the health and healing from within one’s self. At Taylor Yoga, we practice Hatha Yoga. Hatha Yoga is a form of yoga that works toward connecting the body, breathe and poses. The practice of pranayama breathing, and asanas, postures or poses, ensures the health of the mind and body. While helping to fine-tune spiritual goals, this is part of the eight limbs of yoga, developed thousands of centuries ago.

Yoga is not a belief or religion, but a way to reach our greater potential. Yoga is a refined system that works on developing and balancing strength, flexibility, stamina, focus and endurance. Through a series of physical poses, a focus on the breath and an awareness of the body, yoga helps us to deepen our sense of well-being.

Yoga will have you to meditating, sweating, working out, relaxing and breathing – all at the same time!

The goal and purpose of Hatha Yoga are to assist people in living consciously, learning from their past and planning for their future. While living and experiencing the now. In time Hatha Yoga poses can lead to consciousness and what is called ‘living life enlightened.’ We will start to recognize and realize what our real purpose is and to live in harmony with the world around us.

Taylor Yoga Rocks!

Our yoga classes are structured to allow students the opportunity to nurture themselves. By taking the time to look inward while connecting physical and mental well-being. Through this nurturing, we can create the benefits of good health. Yoga can assist in recharging wellness in every area of our life.

Just like with any other activity, doing yoga has benefits. Yoga helps you with your bodies ailment, eliminates fat, improves flexibility, circulation and strength, muscle tone and stamina. Yoga assists managing anxiety, back pain, blood pressure and depression while boosting one’s self-esteem.

It’s never too late to begin your journey! If you are still breathing there is still time to live a more healthy and fulfilled life.